Everyone breathe deeply: The

Everyone breathe deeply:

The Spoons Experience went off the deep end with this reaction to a recent P.J. O’Rourke commentary piece in the Weekly Standard.


Wouldn’t that be hilarious? Wouldn’t it?

I mean, I just assumed that that was the funniest fucking thing in the world, since P.J. jokes about it happening to accountants involved in corporate scandals.

What does it say about the way our society really feels about men that raping them is viewed as both amusing and frequently deserved?

Fuck you, P.J.

Holy loads of over-reaction, Spoons. Read your own comments. P.J. is joking about it, and I do not think in any way can it be inferred that he is in favor of ‘anal-raping’ acountants. In fact, he didn’t even use those words- you did.. Here is the comment Spoons objects to:

However, if corporate corruption does exist, it has benefits as well as liabilities. Auditing scandals will no doubt improve the sex lives of accountants. Bean counters were previously thought to be drab and unattractive creatures. Now accountants are considered cute–by their fellow prison inmates.

For those with little ability to discern humor, the entire column was written with a tongue-in-cheek/ bad-taste- typical of P.J. Myself, I am not in favor of anal-rape in prisons- I think it is awful. I think punishment enough for these accountants would be an accountant cellmate- or worse yet, a hyper-sensitive lawyer.

BTW, a couple of paragraphs later, P.J. wrote this:

Potentially, our own sex lives also are improved. Numerous senior executives’ trophy wives will soon be running around unattached. We wouldn’t have stood a chance with these women before the legal bills arrived and the skinny blondes got poor.

I seriously hope that all of you who got your knickers in a twist over the accountant/prison rape allusion are not at home waiting for your trophy wife…