George Michael- Alec Baldwin with

George Michael- Alec Baldwin with Rhythym?

George Michael is a buffoon. That much we can be sure of. The NY Times is now reporting that he is also a paranoid idiot.

George Michael says he’s nervous to return to his home in the United States because of the criticism he’s received for his new song and video, “Shoot the Dog.”

I have not seen this, nor will I. I do not recall ever listening or watching anything by this simpering idiot except for some video with a bunch of hot models in various stages of undress. However, the coverage of this ‘political statement’ appears to unanimously agree that it is something akin to a Michael Moore statement with a drum beat.

“It’s been very heavily inferred that I was actually an al-Qaida sympathizer, that somehow I thought that there was something not horrific and shocking and undeserved about the attacks on September the 11th,” he said. “Americans are very reactionary right now, and I — because of that article — cannot return to America, even though my partner lives there.”

I just inferred that you were an idiot, if that helps to clear the air. Come on back, as we have plenty of room for idiots in the U.S. In fact, we adore them. How else can you explain Congress, the NY Times, Bud Selig, and all of Hollywood?

“I don’t think that there’s any real connection between what I’m saying (in the video) and the fact that I’m a gay man. But there’s a lot of connection in the press as to those two things,” Michael said.

No connection- except in the PRESS. Idiot or not?

“For some reason I don’t have a right to talk about anything because I got caught four years ago … in a Los Angeles toilet,” he said. “Somehow that eradicates all possibility that what I’m saying might be for the best, or is worthy of being discussed. I can’t fight that kind of homophobia.”

Michael was charged with lewd conduct in a Los Angeles public toilet in 1998. Soon after, he said publicly for the first time that he’s gay.

Since there is no connect to his homosexuality and his political opinions, Michael must now create one. Idiot. And puhhhleaze! A public bathroom? That is just gross- I don’t even touch public bathroom handles when avoidable, let alone being handled in a public bathroom.

Later, his career rebounded with the single and video “Outside,”

Never heard of it. Helluva rebound.

which poked fun at the police.

Mature retribution for his arrest, I am sure.

George Michael, Idiot Abroad.