People who need to be

People who need to be bitch-slapped:

Anyone who mentions Enron, Global Crossing, Worldcom, and Martha Stewart in the same sentence. As much as this pains me to defend this shrill harpy and stiff martinet whose ego is surpassed only by Rush Limbaugh and Hillary Clinton, the women does not look guilty by any objective examination of any evidence I have seen. Kinda convenient for the House committee to ignore any evidence that might exonerate her.

Anyone named Bud Selig.

Anyone who has their panties in a bunch over Bush and Harken (which amounted to nothing according to the SEC- but hell, this being an election season, let’s ignore them and tar and feather those people too) but has failed to once mention Global Crossing and Terry McAuliffe. You bloggers know we can check your archives, and we do know who you are.

Whoever thought Phil Donahue needed a new show in primetime. Was Arsenio unavailable to provide thoughtful commentary?

Anyone who thought the assault on Microsoft was anything more than Clinton-era trash politics and ‘hate-the-rich’ populism. At least their earning statements are real, you prick bastards.

Bud Selig.

Hypocrite Democrats who are now attacking corporate America for defrauding investors. Are they pissed because this means fewer tax incomes because of the insidious capital gains tax? Or because this might mean less money in the even worse estate tax revenue? Or maybe it is because…. Hey- Why are they defending investors all-of-a-sudden? I thought they are the party of the poor, and according to their progressive tax strategies, anyone who makes 50k and has a moderate 401k plan is RICH. Oh yeah. This is an election year.

Anyone who claims cheerleading and figure skating are sports. No, I can not cheerlead or figure skate- but that doesn’t mean they are a sport. I can’t lay an egg or swallow a sword, either, but no one is claiming they are sports.

Al Franken.

Norm Mineta and Tom Ridge.

MLB players union.

Whoever designed popup window ads.

Did I mention Bud Selig?