Posting will be light this

Posting will be light this week (as if you did not already know this from the absence of posts), as I am out of town teaching and have very little time to post (plus I hat this 56k connection). One general thought:

The Democrats really saved us some time today. Since they attacked the President’s speech on corporate responsibility BEFORE he gave it, it should be clear to everyone that they have already made their minds up about every issue and every thing the President stands for or might in the future stand for- they oppose it.

It was a refreshing bit of honesty and openness on their parts. Now we can really dismiss anything they say as pure partisan politics. Let’s try it and see how well we can predict future Democratic reactions.

Future Bush Energy Policy:

Bush is in bed with big busiiness, he wants to put arsenic in water, we can not drill our way into a surplus of energy, there are not enough tax cuts for alternative energy programs, Bush is in bed with Detroit and will not raise CAFE standards.

Bush Judicial Nominees

This person is an arch conservative. He cuts holes into all of his white pillow cases. He gassed the truck that dragged James Byrd. If he is elected, women and minorities will lose the right to vote, and he will allow legislation to stand as constitutional that would require the jack-hammering of all handicap accessible ramps. He wants to execute retarded jaywalkers. He is against abortion even in the case of pregnancies brought on by a gang rape perpetrated by HIV infected men.

See- It is easy. Just take any position or idea Bush might have, and then insert the most ridiculous, vile, and offensive arguments you can muster or the Democrats have mustered in the past, and you have their argument before they present it. Then, when they actually present their argument, you have a humorous checklist to cross reference.

This is McAuliffe’s winning strategy for November? Perhaps I can help them with a slogan-

Democrats 2002- We Oppose!

One more thing: Why is it that anytime I hear a Senator say “Democrats and Republicans both support this legislation but the President opposes it,” I know that what the person means is “50 Democrats and John McCain support this.” Why is he even in the party anymore, and why does the press adore him? Other than his association with the Keating Five, almost failing out of the Naval Academy, smashing several government jets and being unfortunate enough to be a POW, and the HIDEOUS attempt at curtailing free-speech that was disguised as Campaign Finance, what has this man accomplished? Try to think of one piece of meaningful legislation. Yeah, I thought so. Maybe they like him for his semi-annual melanoma awareness. Shrug.