I have 500 blogs to

I have 500 blogs to read since I have been away/busy for two weeks. I will post more tomorrow night.

Just got back from a

Just got back from a week in NYC, and I have a couple of observations.

– I stayed in Brooklyn, in a real blue collar area, and I was simply amazed at how many American flags are prominently displayed. Every house has at least one flag, and most have 2-3. All I could think was that Osama and crew pissed off 8 million people for good, and New Yorkers do not forgive or forget.

– The New York Sun is just great. I don’t know if it is just me, but I did not feel it had a conservative tilt to it- it was just straight up reporting, and most of the coverage was on local news. I guess the absence of a liberal bias makes something conservative. The paper is a little thin, but if I lived there, I would definitely subscribe.

– Every day I was there I read another story about a funeral of a fireman or a cop from the WTC.

– Inside Grand Central Station, there is the most awful memorial/announcement board for those still missing from 9/11. Xeroxed sheets with pictures from weddings, and handwritten descriptives about height, weight, description of wedding band and which hand watches were worn on, all with a little note saying I love you/miss you. After two minutes, I was bawling. Those motherfuckers.

– Egg Creams are delicious.

– You just do not realize how big Ground Zero is until you went there. I did not make a special trip to it, but the express bus I took to Manhattan drove right by it. It is just enormous- for Pittsburgh fans, it looks like you could fit all of Three Rivers Stadium in there.

– The last thing I noticed, which I must have just forgotten on my last trip there (5 years ago), was that New Yorkers wear nothing but black. You can tell the tourists- they look up at the buildings and wear colors.

BTW- The Pirates are leading

BTW- The Pirates are leading the NL Central, and the Steelers had a helluva a draft.

I almost forgot. The Eurotrash

I almost forgot. The Eurotrash have become so reflexively and stridently anti-American and anti-semitic that even SNL is poking fun at them. Last night they had one of their mock commercial/PSA’s attacking the French. I forget the entire text, but the voice over started calling them ‘Cowardly, yet opinionated, and let’s not forget extremely anti-semitic.’ Later on it called them jew haters.

I loved it. I hate the French.

Dan Flynn asks where all

Dan Flynn asks where all the Black Panthers are. The answer? Jail.

Very weird weather today. The

Very weird weather today. The temperature dropped like 20 degrees, then we had a terrible lightning/thunder storm. My satellite went out for two hours, and the storm hit so suddenly that lightning managed to hit damned close to my house before I was able to run around unplugging everything. The lightning hit so close to my house that it distorted the picture on my monitor (it was all washed out and blue looking, like an old color tv gets after 15 years). I turned it off and back on, and it worked fine, so I guess I lucked out.

Well.. I am back, sort

Well.. I am back, sort of. I have to be out of town starting Wednesday, so I should be able to resume posting seriously when I get back. First things first. If you have not seen the news yet, Le Pen stunned the socialist Jospin, and the left is up in arms, marching in the streets. Le Pen had this to say to reporters:

“I have nothing to do with fascism,” Le Pen said. “Fascism is protesting the result of a vote violently in the street.”