This was amusing.

This was amusing.

Pet Peeve #125003438 If one

Pet Peeve #125003438

If one more pundit says things are ‘spiralling out of control in the Middle East,’ I am going to get so angry blood is going to shoot out my nose and ears. If this is not already out of control, then I do not know what is. Maybe I am just a control freak.

For some reason, I just

For some reason, I just really enjoyed this sentence from Greg Hlatky at A Dog’s Life:

CLINTON SUCK-UP Jonathan Alter slobbers all over the former President, who’s trying to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral.

*** Update ***

I read the piece, and Hlatky is right. Alter does slober all over Clinton.

Zogby, that despicable puke, just

Zogby, that despicable puke, just told Tony Snow on Fox that Bush is responsible for this ‘by abdicating leadership’ in the Middle East. He needs to ‘strengthen’ Arafat.

Then, he claimed that when Arafat talks about martyrs, he is just speaking to the culture of the people. Ahh, I see. It is just multiculturalism.

Now he is spreading the myth that Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount is the reason for the intifada.

Our Friends The Saudis: In

Our Friends The Saudis:

In an interview with TIME, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah called Sharon’s assault on Arafat “a brutal, despicable, savage, inhumane and cruel action.” He continued, “The acts we are witnessing represent the views of a criminal who has blood on his hands,” and vowed, “Palestinian resistance to the occupation will continue.”

That is right, no condemnation of the suicide bombings. Those are labeled as ‘resistance.’

Go read Will Warren’s latest.

Go read Will Warren’s latest. Now.

Yasser Arafat is surrounded, and

Yasser Arafat is surrounded, and he is making all sorts of bizarre statements- stuff about martyrs and terrorism- things that just can not be true, since he is a peaceful leader, right?

It appears that Arafat is also afraid for his life. I am not sure why, though. It isn’t like he is on his way to Sbarro for a slice of pizza. He isn’t going to a Passover Seder in Netanya. He isn’t going to the grocery store to get food for his dinner tonight. No one is forcing him to ride a bus anywhere. No one is demanding that he eat in a Jerusalem cafe. Or even worse, walk through a pedestrian mall.

Arafat doesn’t have to do any of those things. Instead, he is in a windowless room being guarded by crack IDF troops. I wonder how many Israelis wish they could be in his position?