The party that brought you

The party that brought you the outrage over the inability of their members to vote properly in the 2000 election are now doing their best to scuttle election reform and then to blame it on the Republicans.

It seems our friends the Democrats are objecting to a provision (one they previously agreed to in December) offered by Sen. Kit Bond that would “require first- time voters who register by mail to present proof of identity, like a driver’s license, utility bill or pay stub, before being allowed to vote.

This is just an awful idea to the lead race-baiters in the party of the Jackass, who never miss a chance to demagogue the poor, the downtrodden, and the non-white. “Senator Schumer said that the requirement for a photo identification would mean that millions of New Yorkers, particularly Hispanics, blacks, immigrants and older people, would not be allowed to vote.”

This is what passes as discrimination to modern Democrats. Not permitting the type of voter fraud that ran rampant in past years is now discrimination.