A rant from one of

A rant from one of my friends that Apple users will enjoy….

“I’ve set up about 20 Windows machines of various flavors in the last 2-3 weeks.

SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY I CAN’T JUST DOWNLOAD ALL THE FRIGGIN PATCHES I NEED? Windows Update, half the time I use it, is slower than a 56k modem.

While I’m at it, why the hell is everything “active” now.. I HATE “active downloads”.. Just let me download a god damned full installer instead of some 500k “active” installer so I don’t have to worry about a crash or connectivity issues and so I can save the bloody installer to a CD so I don’t have to mess with navigating a site for some half-hidden download area, or bring it to a friend who has a shitty modem internet connection.

And why do programs have to try to hijack filetypes? THIS CHAPS MY ASS. I DON’T WANT TO USE NETSCAPE TO VIEW A BLOODY JPG FILE!

I just fixed a computer for some friends of mine. These friends don’t know anything about computers. They’re computer dumb, and they’re content with that. You know the type — they have 15 programs running in the tray when Windows starts. They install Comet Cursor. You get the idea.

Reinstalling shit programs like RealPlayer — it just drives me up the wall. The thing asks for an email address 3 times (fuckyou@notonyourlife.com), keeps trying to hijack filetypes, installs buggy bloated crashware that comes up on Windows boot, doesn’t ask permission to connect to the internet unless I dig down into obscure preferences and tell it not to. Even then, I can only turn off an “update check” for 30 days. Why do people use this shit?

Just now — literally — after installing RealPlayer and turning off all the spyware shit, disabling the SmartBloatCrashCenter, etc.. Closed RealPlayer and get an Illegal Operation. “REALPLAY caused an invalid page fault in module RNQU3260.DLL…”

During one point in a Windows Update, the thing hung at 600k of a download. The last time I had something like that happen to me, it corrupted the entire OS and wouldn’t even boot into Windows.


Hehe. Computers are fun.