I have insomnia, and the

I have insomnia, and the liner from Alan Keyes Is Making Sense is having a weird, hypnotic effect on me. If you have not heard the liner, it sounds like some hopped up top-40 DJ with a slightly raspy/nasal voice (you know the kind- the ones on the parts of the dial you ignore, where they say things like “Hot Rockin’, Hit Crankin’, 97 WLRX” and then play Madonna or something). At any rate, this DJ-like voice shouts out at every commercial break:

Alan Keyes is Making Sense! Stop yelling at the TV. He can’t hear ya!

Then you hear Alan Keyes chuckle.

It is, to say the least, unnerving, particularly when combined with copious amounts of the original green death Nyquil.

Ken Layne has the best

Ken Layne has the best two sentence description outlining the difference between Trekkies and those who may have seen the show once in a while:

I really don’t like most of the hundred or so Star Trek teevee shows and movies. Sure, I watched the first show as a kid, but it didn’t turn into a liability as an adult, if you catch my drift.

This is why James Lileks

This is why James Lileks is a genius, and I am just an intemperate windbag.

Just saw 30 minutes of

Just saw 30 minutes of “What Women Want.” It is the movie equivalent of Barney the Dinosaur- cute concept, but painfully awful after ten minutes of exposure.

Ann Coulter, goddesspundit, on the

Ann Coulter, goddesspundit, on the detainees at Camp X-Ray:

We are at war with al Qaeda. The 158 Guantanamo detainees come from at least 25 different countries. To pretend that the Taliban is bound by a convention signed by an earlier Afghan government because the al-Qaida fighters happened to be captured in Afghanistan would be like trying to collect a bill from a corporation that bought your debtor’s house, razed it, and happened to occupy the same property 20 years later.

She also must be paying attention to Charles’s poll at LGF, because she says this:

Indeed, it is difficult to conceive of the United States actually going to war against any country that would honor the Geneva Convention. Despite an enormous groundswell of support for an attack on France, we probably won’t. The only people we go to war with are utter savages.

In World War II, the Japanese tortured and killed American prisoners of war. In the Vietnam War, the North Vietnamese tortured American prisoners of war. In the Gulf War, Iraq tortured U.S. prisoners of war – including a female officer who was sexually assaulted by her captors.

So this Geneva Convention thing isn’t really working out for us.

It is now official. I

It is now official. I have entirely too many blogs bookmarked in my browser. So many that it takes me an hour or so to get through them all. What I need now is:

A psychologist to come up with a name for my new disorder


A webring for self-help groups to get over blog addiction.

Which reminds me of George Carlin, who recently commented that self-help books just aren’t self-help. They are help.

Once more just because it

Once more just because it was so good the first time around. This is the first editorial I can ever remember my father liking so much he pointed it out to me. Leonard Pitts on September 12th.

Much thanks to our friend on the left, Ted Barlow, for pointing that out again, who saw it again on the Kaus Files.